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Thalassotherapy and dietetics - slimming treatment cures


The aim is for the dietetic thalassotherapy cure to help you achieve a balance and lose weight

Some of the thalassotherapy cures at the Les Flamants Roses hotel are all about slimming and losing weight. The “Figure and shape ” programme combines perfect holiday relaxation with supervision by a dietician who sets you targets as soon as you arrive. She can offer you advice about your slimming diet on the basis of a body composition assessment to help you with your dietetic cure.


Dietetic full board

With six-night (minimum) holidays, the L’Horizon restaurant offers a full board package tailored to the dietetic cure supervised by a dietician. The restaurant’s chef adapts to this programme and all the dishes guarantee both flavour and well-being to help you with your diet.

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Slimming body treatment

Thalgo and LPG

To get the very most out of the treatments and slimming cures, the Les Flamants Roses thalassotherapy spa team have teamed up with major brands Thalgo and LPG to offer the most effective protocols and techniques in the field of losing weight and increasing tone.

“Figure” cure

This “get your figure back” cure comprises twenty-four treatments, eleven of which involve slimming body treatments.
It helps you to regain body tone and remodel your figure. This is a unisex programme and it can be really inspiring to take this thalassotherapy cure as a couple,
so that you can appreciate your partner’s results and share his or her motivation.
Combined with the dietetic full board package, this slimming cure is a great solution to all those little weight worries.


Testimonial: Julie lost five kilos in ten days


Throughout the year you’re always telling yourself you’ve got to “get on with it” and go on diet but sometimes you just don’t have the willpower - and you also need some good advice. I took advantage of our holiday at the Les Flamants Roses hotel to go on a “Figure and shape” cure. Based on the dietician’s good advice I got into some good habits without having to deprive myself of the lovely little dishes they serve at the restaurant. With a combination of this dietetic approach, thalassotherapy and a bit of sport I managed to achieve my slimming goal. I feel really fit and I know what I’m going to be doing for the rest of the year to keep up with this “slimming trend”… See you at my next thalassotherapy session!

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