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Your seaside hotel in Canet-en-Roussillon


Tradition and modernity

Canet-en-Roussillon and the Les Flamants Roses hotel are in a wonderful location in the south of the Languedoc-Roussillon region, right on the edge of the Mediterranean Sea, with the Pyrenees on the horizon and sunshine all the year round. The town offers all the services and fun activities you’d expect at a modern seaside resort whilst retaining the authentic feel of a protected wild coast, especially thanks to its lake. It’s listed as a “natural reserve” and offers an age-old environmental heritage, with a wide variety of fauna as well as being a meeting site for flocks of pink flamingos.


Leisure activities for everyone at your hotel in Canet en Roussillon

Holidays at the hotel can be sports-based or involve lying around doing nothing, family walks or challenges for groups of friends, cultural exploration or relaxing at the spa. Plus Canet-en-Roussillon has plenty of surprises in store for you in all of these areas. Water sports are obviously big around here, with paddle-surfing, kitesurfing, windsurfing, jet skiing, etc. Or you might prefer a trip in a boat and a picnic out at sea, diving lessons and a chance to explore the seabed... For those of you who enjoy inland exploration, the many walks in the surrounding area will reveal a whole host of typically Mediterranean landscapes and there’s also plenty of excitement to be had (canyoning, horse-riding, etc.)

The harbour

Historiquement, Canet-en-Roussillon donnait à Perpignan son ouverture sur la mer Historically,
Canet-en-Roussillon gave Perpignan access to the Mediterranean Sea and, even today, the resort’s harbour
- just a few minutes’ walk from the Les Flamants Roses hotel - is still a hive of activity. It’s five-star rated (Qualité Plaisance label),
and offers a range of services much enjoyed by amateur sailors, including 1300 mooring berths,
and tradition is maintained with “Les Vieux Gréements”, an association which collects old boats, maintains and gets them sailing,
including lateen boats, fishing boats and other Catalan boats, longliners, Sétoises , sloops, ketches, cutters, yawls, schooners, etc.

Canet beach hotel - genuine village life

Canet-en-Roussillon hasn’t lost sight of its roots as a Roussillon village. Every week there are a number of markets held all over the town which are popular with visitors. Whether at the beach centre in the south or in the heart of the village, they all offer local produce and creations… Artists and craftspeople share these spaces which you can explore as you take a daytime or night-time stroll. It’s the perfect opportunity to wander around soaking up the unique ambiance of Occitania!

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The History
of Languedoc-Roussillon and Occitania

Canet-en-Roussillon still shows all the typical traits found in Catalan villages in the Languedoc-Roussillon region, with walls made of “cayrous” (the traditional brick) and red tiles, a patchwork of shady alleyways overlooked by the Gothic church of Saint-Jacques and the Viscount's dwelling (a relic of the village’s medieval history), etc.


Testimonial: Jean-Pierre and Natacha,
two seaside visitors from Alsace.


When you see the south on TV, in reports, or on the map of France in the weather forecast, all you imagine is the beach and the sunshine, but when you get the chance - as we did - to enjoy a longer holiday at the Les Flamants Roses hotel, you discover Canet-en-Roussillon, how close it is to the lake and the whole natural reserve environment! We didn’t really know Occitania and Languedoc-Roussillon… Spending time here changes your perspectives. A seaside holiday really is about far more than the beach - there’s a genuine ambiance, the South of France really does have an identity all of its own

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