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cure flamants femme enceinte

Les Flamants Roses offer thalassotherapy cures for women
either during pregnancy or after the baby is born


A thalassotherapy cure while you're expecting is a great way of making sure you enjoy your pregnancy

Although pregnancy is a wonderful time, it can also be stressful with all kinds of questions and little inconveniences. A thalassotherapy spa cure can be a very useful experience for pregnant women, helping you make sure you do everything you can to get ready for the birth and find ways of staying calm and listening to your body. The Les Flamants Roses thalassotherapy spa offers a half-day’s relaxation especially for expectant mums (up to six months into your pregnancy), offering three individual treatments (a Watsu session, a hydrojet or Massothermie session, a leg massage or a purity ritual face treatment).


Post-natal cure
Thalassotherapy for mums and babies

After nine sometimes difficult months, a young mum often feels she’d like to get her body back, look after herself and feels the need to be “wrapped in cotton wool” just like the newborn, and this is exactly what the “Mums and babies” cure at the Les Flamants Roses thalassotherapy spa offers - a few days switching between treatments aiming at relaxation and getting back into shape (firming up and “re-sculpting” the body), some special time with the baby (you can also take the treatment on your own), all in a caring, intimate ambiance with plenty of attention and support. The “Mums and babies” cure from three days) comprises twenty-four treatments, four of which are for the baby (back massages, slimming, remodelling treatment, wrap, Body Palp , Watsu, shower, scrub, etc.)

thalasso soins homme

Mums and babies cure,
but what about dad while all this is going on?

Although mum is at the heart of the “Mums and babies” cure, dad also has to play his role and make the most of these private opportunities to relax. He’ll be looking after the little one while the young mum’s having her treatments, but he can also enjoy a “male well-being” cure of his own match to fit in with what mum is up to, for a personalised way of getting fit again. The marine area also offers plenty of opportunities to spend time together as a family and enjoy all the joys and benefits of the sunny south and the hotel’s amazing location on the edge of the Mediterranean Sea.

Mums and babies thalassotherapy cure Les Flamants Roses
welcome our very youngest guests

The Les Flamants Roses hotel provides you with all the baby equipment
you could possibly need during your “Mums and babies” thalassotherapy spa cure -
just ask, we’ve got cots, high chairs, baby alarms, pushchairs, etc.)


Testimonial: Amélie and little Théo
enjoyed spending quality time alone together


I had a pretty stressful pregnancy and although the birth went well, even so, I felt like I needed to recover from it all, take a break, get back to being who I am and having some real quality time with my baby. So Franck - Théo’s Dad - and I booked a thalassotherapy spa cure at the Les Flamants Roses hotel. Franck looked after the baby while I was being pampered and there were some treatments I was able to enjoy alone with my little boy. It’s amazing how much good this opportunity to get fit again after the birth has done me - it was perfect! I’d recommend it for all young mums and even for pregnant women!

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